Please email us at attaching a proposal / business plan that covers the following questions:

  • - Who are your main competitors?
  • - How will your business make money?
  • - Have you had any previous investment?

  • - Who are the people behind your business?
  • - How big is the opportunity?
  • - What is different about your business and why is this an advantage?
  • - How much capital investment are you looking for?
  • - Is there any defensible intellectual property in your product or service?
About us

acro-investments, a private investment firm, was founded in 2007 and is a subsidiary of the Paliwal Export Group of Companies. The group is headed by the chairman, Mr. Ajay Paliwal. Mr. Paliwal has led the Paliwal Export Group from conception to one of India's leading textiles export houses with interests in various other industries. He is now using his experience to enable promising businesses fulfil their potential. His guiding principles have always been based around honesty, reliability and being upfront and open. These principals have led him to build successful and long running alliances in his professional and personal life. The same ideologies are embedded in acro-investments as well.

The firm started business by investing primarily in financial products such as mutual funds, direct equity and portfolio management services. The firm has since then diversified and is actively investing in promising companies including start-ups, and sectors as diverse as real estate and retail.

acro-investments believes in long-term investments and building lasting partnerships globally. We build alliances with promising organisations across the world and also provide strategic management support to all our ventures. The registered trademark of the firm - "Ideas, Grit and Style!" represents our ideology and is also an implicit feature we look for in all our investments.