Please email us at attaching a proposal / business plan that covers the following questions:

  • - Who are your main competitors?
  • - How will your business make money?
  • - Have you had any previous investment?

  • - Who are the people behind your business?
  • - How big is the opportunity?
  • - What is different about your business and why is this an advantage?
  • - How much capital investment are you looking for?
  • - Is there any defensible intellectual property in your product or service?
Prime Mover

acro-investments is headed by Priyankaa Paliwal. "Determined to meet or exceed targets on a consistent basis by using strong organisational, analytical and interpersonal skills." - This is how Priyankaa Paliwal strives to be in her day to day activities and dedication sees her there.

Priyankaa has many years of extensive professional work experience in marketing and finance. She has had a successful investing and operating career where she has led consultative studies of projects and ventures, formed successful global business alliances and partnerships and led business development initiatives. She has traveled extensively around the world to develop new business opportunities. A respected leader, equipped with powerful communication, coordination and analytical skills, she is fully committed to providing and implementing dynamic, compelling solutions to the ongoing objectives of the organisation.

Priyankaa graduated in Bachelor's of Commerce at Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University and holds two Masters degrees, MSc in Management with Finance (University of Bath, UK) and MA in Marketing (University of Bradford, UK). She has been a top ranked student throughout her studies and has received various scholarships. She is also certified by AMFI as a Mutual Fund advisor.