Please email us at attaching a proposal / business plan that covers the following questions:

  • - Who are your main competitors?
  • - How will your business make money?
  • - Have you had any previous investment?

  • - Who are the people behind your business?
  • - How big is the opportunity?
  • - What is different about your business and why is this an advantage?
  • - How much capital investment are you looking for?
  • - Is there any defensible intellectual property in your product or service?
About us

acro-investments envisions itself to be an excellent investor across the world.

Win-Win Strategic Partnerships
Amidst the complexities of organisations the importance of building strategic alliances will only gain more and more importance in years to come. acro-investments believes in creating 'win-win' strategic partnerships for all stakeholders. We believe that creating mutually beneficial alliances is the only way to build successful businesses and achieve excellence.

Transparent and Honest Alliances
acro-investments believes that the hallmark of a progressive long-term relationship is transparency and we always require an extremely open and honest environment. Identification of suitable partners and implementation of the right strategies is of vital importance. Great emphasis is laid on continuous enhancement of relationship with all our stakeholders, once the alliance is forged.

Goodwill and Employment Generation
acro-investments is equally driven by the goodwill and the employment opportunities it creates for people across India and around the world, and not just the financial returns.