Please email us at attaching a proposal / business plan that covers the following questions:

  • - Who are your main competitors?
  • - How will your business make money?
  • - Have you had any previous investment?

  • - Who are the people behind your business?
  • - How big is the opportunity?
  • - What is different about your business and why is this an advantage?
  • - How much capital investment are you looking for?
  • - Is there any defensible intellectual property in your product or service?
More about acro-investments

We at acro-investments provide investment appropriate for the needs of an investee company that is required at its stage of development.

As a seed investor we are prepared to take early risks but we also have enough capacity in our funds to support growth companies throughout their developing stages. We select companies that have potential to grow and need funds to accelerate their growth.

What we are looking for

We look for highly driven and motivated people leading and working for investee firms.


We firmly believe people form the core of any successful venture and hence, work with only those who completely believe in what they are doing and have the determination to make their ideas a success.